#rsrh Manatees give Big Coal a thumb’s-up!

(Via POWIP) …OK, manatees don’t have thumbs.  But if they did, they’d be using them to show their support for the outflow water from the Big Bend coal station in Tampa, Florida.  You see, it’s gotten rather cold in the Gulf of Mexico this year – we will now pause while the fundamentalist Greenies solemnly declare this to be the fault of the dark god Globalwarming* – so the manatees have been going places that are generating more heat.  Such as the Big Bend coal plant, which is apparently such a [popular manatee destination spot] that the plant has a manatee viewing center for the benefit of tourists and/or marine biologists.   It’s apparently been a bad year for manatees freezing to death – which leads one to the conclusion that if you hate coal in Florida, you hate these guys:

And if you do… you ought to be ashamed [of] yourself, Gaia-cidist.

More seriously… now, I freely admit that I was a liberal arts major in college and everything, but it seems to me from my reading of history and political science that most of our major problems and crises have come to [a head] during periods when it was TOO DAMN COLD OUT.  As the manatee is showing us, it’s not extra energy in a system that kills reliably; it’s not enough energy. Put another way: heat = life, cold = death.

Sorry: I should save half-baked mysticism for the deep ecologists.  Suffice it to say that the manatee has much to teach us.

Moe Lane

*Everything else is, apparently.

[UPDATE] Dag, but that needed some proof-reading.


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