#rsrh How I feel about the RNC chair fight.

Because boy, that escalated quickly.

It jumped up a notch.

Seriously, all I care about two things: which candidate can bring in the most contributions, and which candidate can put together the best GOTV program. To heck with image, sending a message, embracing the future, or whatever else: I want a competent technician who understands that it’s all about the cash on the barrel-head and the boots on the ground.


  • sybilll says:

    Moe, after ’06, and more importantly ’08, I know very few who donate directly to RNC, FWIW. GOTV is a whole other issue, and in that regard I give them a C- at best.

  • sybilll says:

    Why won’t we have the RGA in 2012? I did like the Senate Conservatives Fund, but, who in the world can pick up the slack on GOTV?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Virtually all gubernatorial terms are for four-year terms; and it happens that we had 37 in 2010. We’re going to have 3 this year, and at least 2 in 2013; as I understand it, the RGA will thus be only dealing with 11 races in 2012, with North Carolina and Indiana probably being the most consequential races.

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