#rsrh QotD, That’s a Damn*d Lie edition.

From Joshua Green’s otherwise enjoyably-peeved article (“Strict Obstructionist*”) on Mitch McConnell:

Nobody anticipated the Republican swing only two years later…

That’s a damned lie.  The entire party has been planning a “Republican swing” since roughly two seconds after we heard the President tell us “I won.”  And Senator McConnell – who I still have some fondness for as a politician – had damned little to do with leading the charge.

I swear to God, these people are desperate to find a Republican leader to attack, once and for all.  Can they freaking wait until the primaries are over, at least?

Via Ben Smith.

Moe Lane


  • countrydoc says:

    If there is no leader to demonize, then they are left with demonizing ordinary voters. Of course, they are quite willing to do that. Its just that it tends to backfire badly. (Cf: election, 2010).

  • Kyle Haight says:

    Yep. I love it when they say the Republican party is “leaderless”, because it means they can’t Alinsky-ize the ‘leader’. They’ve been trying desperately to personalize their opposition with very little success. Keep the focus off of personality and on principles.

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