How to vote for the Hugo.

Ian Tregillis – author of Bitter Seeds, which is eligible for a Hugo this year (more later) – has provided links on where to submit nominations for the 2010 Hugo award (which is, of course, the premiere award for science fiction). I’m half-tempted to shell out the fifty bucks for voting privileges myself; goodness knows that my original career path got short-circuited about ten years ago, but it’d be nice to have have at least some connection to that aspect of my life.

As to Bitter Seeds itself, I quite liked it: it was a good horror/supernatural/sorta-kinda-superhero-not-really alternate-history World War II book that did not hesitate to allow a significant change to history, well, significantly change history.  This is always a bit of a problem with WWII alternates that have supernatural and/or metahuman elements to it: what’s stopping the metahumans from using their powers to end the war?  It can be explained – and explained well – but it’s kind of refreshing to have a book that confronts the problem head-on.  Worth picking up.

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  1. Gack!! I just made an Amazon purchase (Vol 4 of Tad Williams tale and Hazlitts short econ book) and forgot my promise to do it through your site. Sorry.

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