Paging Ken Hite. Paging Ken Hite…

…they’ve recreated the old, thirteen-sign Babylonian astrological system.  If this cannot be turned into fodder for a “secret history” or “modern supernatural esoteric” role-playing game, then nothing can.  Particularly if cross-indexed with the mystical beer subplot from The Drawing of the Dark.

Or something.

(Don’t remember where I saw this first, sorry.)

Moe Lane

PS: No, I don’t believe in astrology.  However, it’s useful stuff in a RPG.


  • Kenneth Hite says:

    Already on it. Sign of Ophiuchus is old news, as is the fact that precession makes astrology (even more) nonsensical. (Well, technically, it only makes sun-sign astrology nonsensical. Oh, sun-sign astrology, that ancient occult art dating back to 1930.)

    But I’m glad someone else has done the math. Always handy for those of us from a non-remunerative humanities background.

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