Asperger’s? They’re blaming this on *Asperger’s*?

Apparently, that’s one excuse being bandied about for the “home-grown jihadi” that the FBI just snapped up in Pennsylvania (reading between the lines, it’s an open question whether this one would have been able to get to his target without shooting his own head off).  Speaking as a geek, I know people with Asperger’s*.  Last time I checked, it’s not a condition that encourages people to go around murdering other people.  To put it mildly.

Moe Lane

*Also speaking as a geek, I know rather more people who have self-diagnosed themselves with Asperger’s, in lieu of obligating themselves to fully cope with the outside world.


  • Just Dave says:

    Sure, this is one of the Left’s favorite moves. It deflects people from thinking there might be an actual reason for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, while lending support for the “there needs to be more government health care”. Win-win.

    Watch for this in the Loughner case, too. It’s already started, but it’ll really get going once the blame-Palin strategy is fully played out

  • John Lane says:

    Although I have been “diagnosed” professionally,imo there is no need for any Aspie to be.We know that we are Aspie in the same way those individuals who are LGBT know they are.LGBT are not challenged about their identity and very few of their community have been “diagnosed”.They were listed as “suffering” from a “mental condition” in the DSM until the late sixties or early seventies when that became politically incorrect (and because they rioted).We cope with a whole lot more than NTs do-and are excluded from the better careers and opportunities in favour of less intelligent or capable NTs who are good at blathering.

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