#rsrh Anthony Weiner (D, NY-09) needs more schooling on Obamacare.

He seems to be infected with the framing meme: “We just need to sell this job-killing monstrosity to the American public better!”  I am paraphrasing.  But not by much.  Free hint to our colleagues on the other side of the debate: using “Fox News” as a debating point only works on people who share your unspoken assumption that the network is a tool of Satan.  Everybody else rolls their eyes at the hyper-partisan goofballery.

Rep. Weiner is, of course, the far-left Congressman from New York who has seamlessly traveled from being a critic of Obamacare for not being radical enough to being the guy who supposedly wrote it.  Possibly Weiner even believes that last bit, at this point; the mental process by which people self-justify abandoning their principles is a fascinating one.  It doesn’t actually matter: what does matter is that the Congressman apparently needs to learn an elementary lesson in applied civics.  To wit: not every Democratic Congressman is blessed with a district as reliable as NY-09 (Queens).  True, the percentage of Democratic legislators with safe districts has just skyrocketed, but that’s because the overall percentage of Democrats actually in Congress just got reduced by amounts that have been historically associated with cholera outbreaks…

Put another way: yo, Tony.  Obamacare sucks, the people hate you for passing it when you should have been trying to get more people jobs, and because of both of those things American voters threw out every Democrat that they could get at in the last election – including a few that surprised even me, and I’m a crazy optimist about these things.  You want this fight again?  Sure!  We can do that.  There’s still a couple of people on my list that I’d like to see embrace the new and exciting life of Beltway parasite.

Moe Lane

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  • Alex says:

    Actually, Weinar’s District is far from Safe. Obama only won 55% there in 2008 (It covers central Queens along with parts of South Brooklyn)and is basically the only district in New York city aside from the Staten-island based 13th that Republicans could win without a Cao-style coup.

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