#rsrh StarKhan* Reince Priebus to avoid spotlight.

He’s going to concentrate on the boring things that RNC chairs do, like amassing resources for elections.  And that’s perfectly fine by me: my major objection to Michael Steele’s tenure as RNC chair was that the RNC ended the 2010 election cycle with no GOTV drive and twenty million dollars in the hole.  One or the other could have been… explained; both at the same time is pretty much intolerable.

Also: I don’t give a tinker’s dam what Reince Priebus’ opinions are on abortion, affirmative action, national fiscal policy, gay issues, the GWOT, ethanol, immigration, the stimulus, entitlement spending, alternate energy sources, foreign policy, the bailouts, Obamacare, cap-and-trade, auditing the Fed, birthright citizenship, global warming, Gitmo, gun control, or whether you should use two spaces after a period.  I care about whether he can bring in the cash and put boots on the ground.  He’s a technician put in place to disseminate the party’s message, not a theoretician or ideologue expected to come up with the semantic content of said message.  If he doesn’t agree with certain aspects of the Republican party consensus… well, neither do I, and probably neither does any Republican reading this.  I’m not going to worry about it as long as it doesn’t stop Priebus from doing his job.

Put another way: I don’t require Reince Priebus to inject his own personal opinions into the mix.  In fact, I would take it as a personal favor if Priebus did his level best as RNC chair to give the impression that he has no personal opinions whatsoever…

Moe Lane

*Shamelessly stolen from Ace of Spades HQ, because Ace is right: that’s a science fiction name if I’ve ever heard one.


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