#rsrh Drinking @ggreenwald ‘s Pain.

There is going to be much drinking of Greenwald’s pain and despair over the way that Cheney amiably enough claimed victory in the internal political debate over counter-terrorism – and everybody’s got his or her own favorite tasty bit. Here’s mine:

If Obama has indeed changed his mind over the last two years as a result of all the Secret Scary Things he’s seen as President, then I genuinely believe that he and the Democratic Party owe a heartfelt, public apology to Bush, Cheney and the GOP for all the harsh insults they spewed about them for years based on policies that they are now themselves aggressively continuing.

Mind you, at least part of this exercise in applied schadenfreude is due to watching people like Greenwald try to twist away from the fact that they actively worked to achieve this state of affairs.  Sure, they pretend now to be principled in their opposition; but every person on the Left screaming about Obama’s betrayal on national security issues would have rather had a kidney removed without anesthesia rather than vote for John McCain and THAT WOMAN.  In fact, they still would rather have the kidney removed; and next year they’ll spinelessly get behind their current betrayer rather than vote for whoever gets the Republican nomination.

Because they have no pride in themselves.  They never did; they don’t have any now; and probably they never will.

Moe Lane

PS: We’re not really waiting for an ap0logy, either.  We’re not the Left: you can hate us all you like, just as long as you don’t actually win.

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