#rsrh Lieberman to retire?

That’s the scuttlebutt, and it’s not really surprising; you can only be hated on a visceral level by your own party for so long before the strain gets to be too much*.  Puts the total in the Senate up to three, so far:

  • CT (Lieberman) – probable Democratic hold
  • ND (Conrad) – presumed Republican pickup
  • TX (Hutchison) – Republican hold

…and no, we’re not going to take that Republican hold for granted.  Although I expect that the DSCC will spend a ridiculous amount of money chasing that phantom.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t expect that the first wave of House retirement announcements to start for a while yet.

*And we’re talking hatred, here.  You think that the Ladies from Maine are despised by the GOP base?  That loathing is a pallid, empty thing when compared to what the netroots routinely say about Lieberman.

12 thoughts on “#rsrh Lieberman to retire?”

  1. “That loathing is a pallid, empty thing when compared to what the netroots routinely say about Lieberman.”

    Yeah, but half of that is over his religion.

  2. I kind of doubt the Texas Dems will actually run somebody who could win, considering that the biggest complaint that it launched at Hutchinson (lifetime ACU rating 89.77) is that she is not conservative enough.

    That and Michael Williams has his bow tie collection of power.

  3. The usual Kool-Aid drinkers over at SSP are convinced Lieberman’s retirement makes that CT seat “safe” for the Dems – I’m not so sure. The next Dem candidate they run won’t be as popular as Blumenthal, and will probably be significantly to the Left. In a two-person race, I think someone like McMahon may have a chance (provided she runs a better campaign this time), esp. if by 2012 the Democrats and the Democrat/Obama agenda are unpopular again. It’s not a ‘sure thing’ by an stretch – but right now, I’d say there’s a chance for us in CT…

  4. Don’t kid yourself, we can lose Hutchison’s seat. Keep in mind that the initial tea party favorite in the Governor’s primary was a Truther. She got 18% in a three-way race against Perry and Hutchison, which ain’t a bad showing.

    Point being that, as much as we’d like to pretend otherwise, there are plenty of dummies on our side too. We could find our own Angle or O’Donnell, and run that person. If, for instance, Bill White runs as a D and some idiot like Medina gets the R nomination (God forbid), I’d bet dollars to donuts that White would win.

    1. The top three people looking at that seat are Lt Governor David Dewhurst, Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, and AG Ted Cruz. The first is a power in the land; the other two are slightly less powerful powers in the land, and very much well-regarded by the grassroots. I personally like Williams, but Cruz would do just fine (I’ve never met Dewhurst).

  5. This many retirement announcements this soon seems unprecedented. I mean, the 112th has barely come into being. Does anyone know whether this many Senatorial retirements this early has ever happened before?

  6. Moe – yep, and I believe Williams will win. But you just never can tell. Primary voters are a different animal than voters in the general, as you well know. Castle should have won easily in CT; and it’s obvious that any exsanguinated moron could have beaten Angle (one eventually did). I just don’t want to let our guard down. It’s humiliating enough to be associated with Sheila Jackson Lee.

  7. Phil, while there’s some truth to that, I’d say most of that 18 percent were voting for ‘anyone but Perry/Hutchinson’ and not her specifically.

    I know that I had to hold my nose and vote for Hutchinson, because it would have been worth the pain of four years of her as a relatively powerless governor to get her out of the Senate where she can and will do much damage. Without that as a premise I’m not sure I could have voted for either one, and I’d have been tempted to vote for her as a ‘message’ not to actually support her. I wouldn’t have actually done it, with the Truther stuff, but had I not known about it, I certainly could have.

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