#rsrh *What* antiwar movement?

Reading between the lines, Reason TV is kind of upset about the way that the Democratic party has abandoned the antiwar movement:

…and that’s reasonable.  Sort of.  I have no real beef with libertarian antiwar types, as long as they aren’t being crypto-anti-Semites or whatnot.  Your average libertarian has a laudable desire to stay out of other countries’ business; I don’t fault them for that, although I do not think that they fully grasp the consequences of not having a world hegemony, and how much it would truly suck if it wasn’t us being the world hegemon.  At least there’s a certain basic consistency there.

No, I save my disdain and contempt for the Left-antiwar types, which deserves it more.  Contra Ed Morrissey, I am not surprised in the slightest that the fools, knaves, and dupes that made up the organized antiwar movement were abandoned by this administration; even putting to one side the understandable desire of Establishment Democrats to distance themselves from the physical and psychic stink of such people, it was obvious in 2007 that Democrats in Congress were going to posture for the cameras in public – and furtively imitate Republican foreign policy in private*.  The goal was to get Democrats elected, which was done; now that it’s done, well, there’s no inherent value in keeping around patchouli-reeking, fundamentalist devotees to a failed and vile economic/political religion.

At least, not until the next time there’s a Republican in the White House.  When that happens, expect the Democrats to come by with flowers and chocolate, explaining that they didn’t mean to hit you, baby: they just get so worked up sometimes…

Moe Lane

PS: One quick question to the supposedly all-powerful antiwar movement of the past, from the Tea Party: if you were so big… where are your Congressmen?  Your Senators?  Your governors? – Because the Tea Party didn’t find it all that hard to acquire examples of all three, on its first run out of the gate.  You sure that you guys are doing it right?

PPS: Oh, right, forgot: you need to dumb it down for the hardcore Left-antiwar types.  Here goes:

Hi. I’m a neocon.  We won.  You lost.  It was not hard for us to win, because you guys suck and we do not.

Have a nice day!

*To the best of their limited ability, of course.  Your average Democratic politician has a problem with getting his or her head around the concept of a strong national defense, so they make a lot of mistakes.  Such is life.

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