#rsrh PotUS disses OfA members, four seconds in.

Not to pile onto the President – yes, it is amazing that I manage to avoid random lightning strikes, isn’t it – but I have a bit of advice to the Second Stage Lensman currently slumming as American chief of state: when your organization has gone through considerable time and trouble to create an email list which attempts to give its members the (illusory) feeling that they are part of a politically activist Gideon’s Band… do not insult said members’ intelligence by implying that they default to being unaware of when the State of the Union address is.

Yes, yes, I know: if the administration thought that the average OfA member was capable of tuning in to watch the President on Tuesday without being reminded of it first, the administration would never have sent out the email in the first place.  But there’s subtle.  And then there’s unsubtle.  And then there’s “As some of you know…”

Sheesh.  A simple “As you know…” and I wouldn’t have been able to do this post.  Real elementary goofball error there, Team Barry.

Moe Lane

PS: No, there’s no semantic content in the rest of the remarks.  Was there supposed to be? – Seriously, I think that it’s unfair to ding the President for that; it’s like dinging the sky for not being plaid.

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  • INC says:

    They might take offense if they bothered to watch the video, but at this point I’d guess the intended audience has found better things to do (or else they’ll decide it’s not meant for them but for their unaware colleagues!).

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