#rsrh Hi! I’m Loretta Sanchez! I’m a vulture!

This is me!

I want to throw Gabby Giffords off of the House Armed Services Committee until she’s recovered from her assassination attempt!  I thought that it was important because without that vote we’d have NINE more Republicans on the committee than Democrats, not eight!


I can count up to nine!


I was almost carried away by members of my own party and beaten with sticks!


I memorialized my cat, Gretzky!

Moe Lane

8 thoughts on “#rsrh Hi! I’m Loretta Sanchez! I’m a vulture!”

  1. Not at all sure why this particular reaction. Ms. Giffords has a major head wound. The time frame for recovery from those is measured in months, at least, and the likelihood that she’ll be genuinely up to her duties as a Representative within a few weeks is almost nil.

    It’s a bit ironic that it would be a fellow Democrat calling for Ms. Giffords’s ouster from the Committee, but the very irony sort of cancels the “ghoul” bit. People are called “ghouls” when they get some advantage from another person’s disability or death. What advantage does Ms. Sanchez get or expect?


    1. Mostly because Sanchez really is a vulture, Ric. She’s a nasty piece of work that told her Latino constituents that the Vietnamese were trying to steal ‘their’ seat; she also tries to talk centrist while voting liberal. I would have loved to have her out of office last November, but unfortunately Van Tran wasn’t sexy enough to get national attention and the NRCC didn’t have the money to support his candidacy (yeah, I know, that happened a lot).

  2. +1 on what Moe says. She really is a nasty vulture. If she had thought it through just a little bit, saying ‘substitute’ rather than ‘replace’ would have gotten her the desired result without the beat down she got from fellow Donks.

    Gawd, I wish B-1 Bob were back…

  3. I get that Sanchez is a vulture, but I’m from Texas. A State boasting both Sheila Jackson-Lee and Eddie Berenice Johnson (neither in my district, thank God and the Supremes) has a high bar for vileness in a Congresscritter.
    And I can see why Democrats might be outraged, but most of the vituperation seems to be coming from the other side. I simply find that curious.


  4. Because it’s low-class, Ric. Try it this way: You’re laid up in the hospital, you have months if not years of healing left to do and you may never be what you were… and one of your co-workers calls you up and tells you that one of your shift partners- the people who were supposed to be on your side- has processed the paperwork to get you fired because you were gonna be out on sick leave.
    If Congressman Giffords’ vote really was that important (which I doubt, considering the shellacking her party took a couple of months ago), her party whip or caucus leader (whose name is not Sanchez) could have politely gone through the process of naming a ‘temporary’ sucessor. It wouldn’t have cost Loretta Sanchez a dime or a hour’s sleep for this issue to go through proper channels and NOT look like a grasping, petty political hack.

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