#rsrh Tater Tots are OFF THE TABLE. *Barry.*

You were not elected to spend your days exercising oversight over school menus.  You are also not my mom.  You sure as hell ain’t me, which means that you don’t get a say in what my kids eat.  So, please: stick to things that you’re good at.  Admittedly, the only thing that you’ve shown any natural talent in has been in keeping the unemployment rate above 9% – but I’m sure that there’s something out there.


Via @iowahawk and @breeannehowe.

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  • INC says:

    From last April:

    Obama’s pie problem: What the president eats

    According to Axelrod, the president loves pie — so much that the First Family had to “part ways” with a talented White House pastry chef shortly after Obama moved in. “It became a big problem,” Axelrod told “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, “so they had to separate.” The president’s hardly shy about his love for the lard-laden treat: He ordered rhubarb pie in an Iowa diner on April 27, and in a Philadelphia speech last fall, Obama managed to say the word “pie” 13 times in 86 seconds (see a video clip of the pie-laden speech here)….

    Does Obama have other guilty pleasures?
    Yes, including pie’s savory cousin, pizza. Obama famously airlifted St. Louis, Missouri pizza maker Chris Sommer 850 miles to the White House (along with 20 pounds of dough and 3 gallons of marinara sauce) to make a “casual lunch” for Obama’s family and staff. Reportedly, the president has overcome his opposition to cheeseburgers and also enjoys smoked sea-salt caramels in milk chocolate.

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