#rsrh …So. Egypt.

Darned if I know who to root for, in this one: the government’s corrupt and the revolutionaries aren’t really our friends.  I guess my opinion pretty much can be summed up by this spreadsheet (all data from the CIA World Factbook):

Country Population Per Capita % Pop % PC
USA 310,232,863 $  47,400 100% 100%
Egypt 80,471,869 $    6,200 26% 13%
Israel 7,353,985 $  29,500 2% 62%

Guess which countries are the peaceful, multiparty, free market democracies?  And which country is the corrupt, strongman kleptocracy?  There’s a lesson there, hopefully.


Moe Lane

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  • Tipper_Top says:

    Couple of comments of mine as this unfolded today that I’d like to share with you, of course I’m responding to an uber-liberal:

    12:17 pm : And, we all remember what happened in Iran when Jimmy Carter didn’t back the Shaw.

    Honestly, without a strong US President, the world seems to just implode. There has to be a way for the US to send the message that wanting a change in political leadership is fine. But, that change has to be done peacefully.

    As much as we complain (he he he I was going to say something starting with a B) at one another, at least we change political hands peacefully. Then we go back to the B word.

    It will take strong US leadership. But, I’m afraid that isn’t in place. NOT with Obama and NOT with Hillary.

    12:23 pm : “Deep Concern” is what they had when there were riots in Iran in 2009. Did that make a difference – NO.

    He missed a Spudnik moment there and so far, he’s doing the same here.

    Obama should be on the air as much as possible in Egypt NOW calling for calm and talking about the people calling for an election and setting a date.

    Mubarak is 82 and he was talking about transferring the Presidency to his SON. That’s NOT democracy and I cannot fault the Egyptian people for being upset if that was his plan. I can however fault them for the horrible actions they are inflicting on their own country and countrymen – those police folk are Egyptians too.

    Uncivilized behavior isn’t the answer. Civil unrest isn’t the answer. An election is.

    12:31 pm: Whether or not we should have backed the Shaw isn’t the question. The fact is a weak President didn’t take the necessary steps on a global front to tamp down undemocratic solutions to political problems.

    Hence Iran went far crazier than it had to and is now, some thirty plus years later in a position to hurt not only it’s neighbors but anyone they so choose to inflict damage upon.

    You will either face that fact or you won’t. But, we are again faced with the very same prospect. Will Obama be a limp President or will he find a spine?

    I’m predicting he doesn’t have it in him to be the man the United States needs to be the leader of the Free World. But then, I’ve said that long before he was elected. I’m afraid it’s coming home to roost now. And sadly, my grandchildren and yours will pay for that.

  • tarpon says:


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