#rsrh Quote of the day, You Have Been Warned edition.

Glenn Reynolds, in response to Wisconsin state legislator Jon Richards’ apparent petulance over the idea that he can be stopped from exercising his naked Will to Power by a mere set of laws:

…to politicians who dismiss the constitutional allocation of power as a “technicality,” be reminded that on tax day people pay taxes, instead of treating you like robbers, because of the constitutional allocation of powers. Without that, you’re just another bandit to be treated accordingly. Do you really want to dismiss the rule of law that way? The answer, of course, is that to politicians, the rule of law — like the taxes — is for the little people. I would recommend against pushing too hard on that front right now, though.

You know, Glenn Reynolds would not exactly be my first choice for recruitment into the New Jacobins.  It is a measure of just how badly the Democratic Beltway aristos are doing right now – worse, how little they care about how badly they’re doing – that we’re hearing more and more exasperation and anger in voices like Instapundit’s.

Moe Lane

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  • Kyle Haight says:

    Glenn Reynolds has gotten noticeably testier over the last few years. It isn’t just the Democratic Beltway would-be aristocrats at the receiving end of his ire — he’s leveled the same at the ruling-class junior sycophantic wing of the GOP, and with good reason.

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