#rsrh Annnnnnnnnnd Mubarak might as well start packing.

The Egyptian army has announced that protesters’ complaints (which include ‘Mubarak is still leading this country’) are legitimate, and that the army will not fire on them.  I’m not precisely tied into the relevant inner circle or anything, but what I’ve heard from people familiar with the Egyptian military is that they’re ready for a power change, just as long as it doesn’t result in a hardline Islamist government.

If it’s the army and the civilians against the cops and the government apparatus, well, now is a good time for members of the latter to start buying their plane tickets.  And it’s cheaper in the long run to just let ’em go.

Moe Lane

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  • Finrod says:

    The fact that the army doesn’t want a hardline Islamist government is probably the best news I’ve heard about the Egypt situation.

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