5 thoughts on “Internet called on account of KOTOR I.”

  1. “Empire at War” is a pretty good “Star Wars meets Age of Empires” RTS game. It has options for quick-play, regional campaigns, and total galactic warfare, either as the Rebel Alliance or the Empire (expansion pack has a third, pirate warlord faction). I found space combat to be a lot more engaging than ground warfare, but then again THAT’S pretty real to life! Downsides: planetary defenders are a bitch to dig out of their entrenched positions, and space combat operates on a strict two-dimensional plane, which is somewhat disappointing. “Battlefront” is a pretty fun first-person shooter, but honestly I only ever played it as a way to blow off steam, so I can’t speak to how it is beyond the first few levels.

  2. As I recall KOTOR 1 and 2 had some issues with Vista and Win 7 that required some finesse to get working. Hmm, looking…

    Here it is. Scanning it, it does cover the ‘best of PC’ package you have listed there, with some changes.

    I can’t say for sure though, I played KOTOR 1 on the xbox.

  3. Battlefront is pretty good, but the story mode is short and no space battle. IMHO get Battlefront 2, geat game with a great storyline.

  4. Well, you could go back to playing AC2.

    AC:Brotherhood doesn’t seem to have any of the “jumpy flippy” dungeons.

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