#rsrh Jimmy Webb (D, VA) probably isn’t running.

This is frankly a guess, but if you’re a first-term Senator from a state that is kind of tired of the shenanigans that your party has been up to lately, and if you have raised only $12K in the last quarter, you are doubly in trouble.  And if you’re still going around in 2011 telling people that you haven’t made a decision yet whether you’ll be running in 2012: hey, guess what?  You’ve probably made a decision and just don’t want to admit it.

Anyway, a real shame about that Webb fellow.  Switched parties, broke bread with the people who spit on his troops when they came back from Vietnam, and had to vote against every conservative principle he might have had… and for what?  The title of ‘Senator’ and the chance to spite George W Bush.  Which – hold on, let me use my Kindle search function…

…yup, as I suspected: said spiting was something Webb completely failed to do.

Tragic.  Simply tragic.

Moe Lane


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