The Skin Gun (d20 Modern).

This item is designed for near-future campaigns only, of course.  Games set firmly in the modern era are strictly out of luck.

Skin gun.  This device heals 1d6 burn damage on a successful DEX check by the medic; reverses any CHA loss from original burns.  A successful application of the Skin Gun gives +4 to saving throws vs. infection. Time per application: 1d4 x 45 minutes.

Yeah, I know: this would come in handy in the real wor…

– Hold on, I’m getting a frantic hand signal from my producer.  Yeah, Frank?

(off-screen unintelligible speech)

What do you MEAN, “It’s real?”

(off-screen unintelligible speech)

REALLY real?  It’s not just Hot Air?

(off-screen unintelligible speech)

Of course we should cut to video (under the fold: it’s not for the squeamish)!


In the words of the immortal Shakespeare: Dude.


Moe Lane

PS: Dude.

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