#rsrh I’m on the blandwagon, myself.

I have the same problems with certain features of this Nate Silver graph that Little Miss Attila, Hot Air, and heck, Nate Silver does: but the relative positions of the various politicians running in 2012 seems reasonably intuitive.

Then again, I’m generally for Pawlenty*.  I’ve had enough excitement lately, thanks:  I just want somebody who can balance the blipping budget without too much drama.

Moe Lane

*I’m also generally for staying out of the primaries as much as is practical for a writer affiliated with one of the largest and most influential right-wing political blogs.  Which is to say, I’m not going to be too successful at staying out of it, but hopefully I won’t get sucked into anything resembling the 2008 GOP primary season.


  • BigGator5 says:

    Pawlenty? As in, Tim Pawlenty? You must be joking?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      BG5: No. Governor who can win in a Blue state, tied the Democrats up in knots for two terms, no drama. I’m not going to savage all the other Republican candidates in the primary for his sake, and I won’t quit the whole thing in a huff if Pawlenty doesn’t get the nomination – but if the MD primary was tomorrow that’s who I’d vote for.

  • Phineas says:

    It did call forth a Spockian raised eyebrow when I saw Paul at the moderate end of the scale.

  • Skip says:

    Well where else would you put him, Phineas? I mean, compared to John, George and Ringo, moderate seems to fit.

    More seriously, I think that a big government/small government scale would be better than ‘insider/outsider’. It’s going to be mostly the same, but with some notable differences. Or maybe label the two ends ‘Government is the Problem’ and ‘Government is the Solution’. Huckabee moves towards the other end with either relabling.

  • Joy McCann/Miss Attila says:

    Huck is the only one that really makes me want to have a stay-home tantrum.

    Well, Paul as well–because of those old newsletters and their antisemitic undercurrents. I’ve just never been able to reconcile that with . . . anything.

    I like your “no drama” theory. I just want to get a grownup into the White House.

  • Tbone says:

    Pawlenty? Tim Pawlenty? You mean the guy that has been classified as an opiate by the FDA?

  • Praveen says:

    It seems like the more outsider and moderate you go, the more kooky you get. See Ron Paul. To the left and south of Trump. TRUMP!!!

    I like Skip’s idea. Make Insider as Gov. is the solution and make outsider as Gov. is the problem. Most would stay more or less same except Gov. Huckabee just flips to the solution side.

  • Randy Ketner says:

    I’m with you on the blandwagon.

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