#rsrh QotD, …”DAVID FRUM?” edition.

Yup. David Frum. On the recent obnoxiousness where a Switzerland trip by former President Bush got canceled due to death/arrest threats:

…for those inclined to enjoy the mischief: Just wait until somebody serves an arrest warrant in Luxembourg on ex-President Obama for ordering all those drone strikes on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Again, yup. Because that will happen, folks. If you think that the international ‘peace’ movement likes the current American President – any American President – think again.

(Via Hot Air Headlines)

Moe Lane

PS: If this ever does happen, with any former American President, let me be blunt: whichever American President is in office at the time will be faced with a choice. He or she can either retrieve the former President in question by any means necessary, or he or she can be the involuntary field test subject for the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.

And don’t think that the second option is not an option.


  • Finrod says:

    Y’know, there’s just something that gives me a nice warm feeling down inside at the concept of former President Obama thinking the world still loves him going and getting himself arrested like this, then President Sarah or President Jeb (heck, even President Mitt) summoning the Marines and rescuing him.

  • J_Tyler says:

    Is it just me, or is this a thriller novel begging to be written?

  • mbecker908 says:

    Well, if BO is served with a warrant we could always send in CodePink.

  • Jetty says:

    It would be a conundrum for a Democratic Congress if Obama were arrested overseas, that’s for sure.

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