CPAC 2011: Peter Roskam (R, IL-06).

He’s the Chief Deputy Whip, and we talked a bit about the budget, budget cuts, and why they’re not ripping off the bandage in one go.

Also, a bit on the REINS Act, which (if passed) would effectively give Congress veto power over any federal regulations that would cost more than $100 million a year. This is, of course, an idea that the Left absolutely hates: which would make it appealing in and of itself; but watching Democratic house organs suddenly embrace the unitary executive principle in response to even the threat of the legislature reasserting its power is even more entertaining…

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  • Skip says:

    Some good ideas, but when he says that a hundred billion dollars is anything more than just a really, really small and insignificant start, he’s just showing that he’s out of touch with his party’s voting base. Think about it, at a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit that would take fifteen straight years of hundred billion dollar cuts adding over ten trillion dollars to the debt – and if you think Congress would have the will to cut for fifteen straight years I have a bridge in san fransico to sell you. No, they needed to swing for the fences and ensure that the American people knew which party was responsible for spending us into insolvency. Instead, the American people are going to correctly give blame to both parties.

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