#rsrh Brad DeLong fails the Turing Test.

As a general rule, I generally ignore the Other Side’s B-List-and-below propagandists: but great googly moogly, this is bizarre.  How bizarre?  This level of bizarre:

The amazing bit? DeLong doesn’t seem to understand that he’s just conceded that the Curveball revelations means that the Bush administration did not lie about Iraq’s WMD programs; at worst, they were lied to about them by the Germans.  Well, as I said: B-List, and that’s me being charitable* to somebody else from the Old School.  Poor guy moved along while the rest of us moved up.

Moe Lane

*Not too charitable: you’ll note that I didn’t deem this worth a direct link from RedState.

One thought on “#rsrh Brad DeLong fails the Turing Test.”

  1. They prefered to use the “Bush lied people died” lie to fixing what went wrong with our Intelligence Apparatus and then they have the TEMERITY to be shocked when it fails again in North Africa. I am not surprised, they deserve in full measure what is coming. There will be neither pity or mercy!

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