#rsrh QotD, Written With Malice Aforethought edition.

Looking at the Left, on the (frankly whitebread, not to mention astroturf) Denver, CO union reaction to African-American  race class* traitor Leland Robinson:

Seeing a lone black man being shouted at by union goons, [the police] decided it was better that he joined the tea party protest at the bottom of the stairs, where he would be safe.

I really do wish that the activist Left could learn to be a little more tolerant and inclusive when it comes to beliefs that don’t fit their particular, rather provincial, worldview.

Via… somebody, sorry.

Moe Lane

*Yeah, not much better that way either, huh?

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    I liked the line about “you’re an entrepreneur; you don’t work”.

    Explains how when a Democrat babbles about “working families” they’re only talking about families that fund the Democrat part pay union dues.

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