What the heck is a “AA Nazi?”

Yes, yes, I know what you’re going to say.  You’re going to say, “Moe.  That’s not Charlie Sheen talking.  That’s the cocaine that has seized Charlie’s brain in a violent coup talking.”  And I understand that argument, really I do.  Still:

“These guys are just a couple AA Nazis and really just blunt hypocrites,” said Sheen, referring to producers Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn.

The cocaine is usually more coherent than that.  In fact, I think that we have actually reached the long-promised, but never-before-seen point where cocaine is now wandering around babbling because it’s all f*cked up on Charlie Sheen.

Via @ewerickson.

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously, what does that even mean?  They’re batteries?


  • Geoff Shotts says:

    Wasn’t “AA Nazis” an 80’s metal band?

  • Phineas says:

    “AA” as in Minor League Baseball, intended as a “you’re not in my league” insult?

  • Jeff says:

    They’re anti-aliased. Charlie Sheen is a typography snob.

  • Finrod says:

    High schools in some states are classified by sports size as A, AA, AAA, 4A, and in some cases also 5A, from lowest to highest.

    I can’t imagine Charlie Sheen knowing that and referring to it while ranting, though.

  • Prayerborne says:

    I read/heard some of that rant on CNN…Sheen has some beef with Alcoholics Anonymous. He was talking about how those two guys brag about the 5% success rate of AA (sic) versus Sheen’s 100% success rate of overcoming (something). He had the nonsequitirness of the genuinely loony or stoned…hope he gets help.

  • Catseye says:

    Moe that not the cocaine that’s seized control of his brain, that’s his Ego. The cocaine is only a side effect or a cause which ever you prefer. I swear that in the tape I listened to I expected him to exclaim he was God.

  • DanB says:

    I LoL’d a bit at the thought of Charlie Sheen’s blood as a base ingredient of a new, high power hallucinogenic drug.

  • pst314 says:

    You’ve heard of bond ratings, right? These Nazis are rated AA, a pretty safe investment, but Sheen is pissed because he only buys the AAA-rated Nazis because independent auditors have certified them as having no Illinois Nazis on staff to screw things up. 😉

  • bt says:

    Alcoholics Anonymous – Charlie’s new demon.

  • SeeBS says:

    I hate Illinois nazis.

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