#rsrh QotD, But Isn’t She Correct? edition.

It’s always exciting when you have to edit the alleged quotes of a politician on the Other Side for gross profanity.

A lot of politicians give nicknames to their aides. George W. Bush famously referred to his attorney general, Alberto Gonzalez, as “Fredo.” Mitch Daniels, then head of the Office of Management and Budget, was known as “The Blade.” Barack Obama reportedly called Larry Summers, his chief economic advisor, “Dr. Kevorkian.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas also hands out nicknames to the people who work for her. The Houston Democrat addressed one of her employees as “you stupid mother[expletive deleted].”

But I am forced to agree with Rep. Lee (never thought that I’d write that): based on that article, anybody who works for the woman is indeed a stupid mother[expletive deleted]. I mean, seriously: Sheila Jackson-Lee is a poster child for the devil’s bargain that both parties have made over racial gerrymandering. The Democrats – with the full connivance of the Republican party, which does not mind in the slightest the one, maybe two safe GOP seats that Rep. Jackson-Lee’s district’s existence forces – have deliberately arranged matters so that the city of Houston is partially represented by someone whose qualifications for office begin and end with her skin melanin content.  But her qualifications for membership in the Democratic party are impeccable – i.e., she votes as the (white) leadership directs – so Rep. Jackson-Lee can have the job for as long as she likes.

Can’t say that I’m sympathetic to anybody willing to contribute to this cycle of codependent incompetence by working for the woman.  Particularly if they happen to be African-American themselves: their major goal in life should be to remove legislators like Sheila Jackson-Lee, not work for the stupid mother[expletive deleted].

Via @ErickaAndersen.

Moe Lane


  • Eric says:

    After reading the article…If someone talked to my daughter like that in front of me, they’d be put in their place quickly. Senator or not, I’d tear her a new one.

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    She seems to be either mentally imbalanced, or a petty tyrant entirely too enamored with her position title.

    Makes me glad I’m a Republican. Who’s rumored to the the martinet on our side?

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