Ah, yes. “Game.”

I was debating whether or not to link to this Instapundit link to a “pick-up artist’s” (PUA) defensive dismissal of Glenn’s and Kay Hymowitz’s dismissal of the entire PUA thing, and then I asked myself why I was debating.  And then I realized that it was because I know that if I do then there’s a non-trivial chance that a bunch of sex nerds will then descend upon my comments section and attempt to digital alpha-male it via the use of spurious logic*.   In other words, merely an aesthetic issue on my part.

Well, when it comes to geekery in a topic that I am not a hardcore geek in, there’s only one group that gets to do that here, and it’s these guys:

[watches the video]

Good God.  I actually have to put this video under the fold.  It’s kind of NSFW:

Anyway, those guys have earned a little bit of alpha-geek status.

Moe Lane

*30% of arguing on the Internet involves the brazen attempt to equate one side’s core assumptions with objective reality.  30% is getting huffy when people refuse to let you do that.  25% is not understanding the difference between ad hominem and “direct insult.”  10% is pure tu quoque. 5% is made-up statistics.  All of these numbers are rounded up: you can find the percentage of actual debate lurking in the wainscoting, as Ken Hite might say.


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