New Thor Trailer.

Which makes it look less… problematical.

It might even not suck, contra my earlier reaction.  I’ve noticed this happening before: first trailer makes me think that the movie will suck, second or third trailer maybe convinces me otherwise, movie turns out fine.  You’d think that they’d just do good trailers from the start and be done with it.

Also: Ace (H/T, by the way) is infuriated with The Adjustment Bureau over its lie of a trailer, and I can’t blame him in the slightest.


  • BigGator5 says:

    I think with the first trailers they just throw stuff together and see what sticks. They get feedback and make a better second and third trailer. That’s how I rationalized it. Normally, I give a pass to the first trailer and see what they will have for me in the second.

  • countrydoc says:

    Sorry but any movie that has the war god Odin blathering about “protecting the innocent” and “preserving the peace” is, by definition, idiotic drivel.

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