It’s hard out there for a Pokemon Trainer.

“I teach it to hate.
I teach it to win

Stone-cold, there.

Moe Lane

PS: I assume, of course, that I should never pick up this game if I ever want to have free time again, or see the Sun.


  • Wizzard says:

    The new region is based on the New York metropolitan area.

    Meaning, you play in POKEMON AMERICA. POKEMERICA.

    You can catch a bald eagle pokemon.

    As a nerd and a conservative, it is an existential imperative that you play this game.

  • Canthros says:

    Eh. It’s Pokemon. I’m sure it’s the best version of Pokemon to come out, but there will be a slightly upgraded version out within 12 months. Within a year or three, there will be a new game in the series with a handful of refinements and new features and the same basic narrative and gameplay.

    If you’ve never played one, it might be worth it to check out, as they are pretty solid RPGs. The mechanics and metagame involved are pretty crazy, though, in an OCD sort of way.

  • Neil Stevens says:


    It’s worth playing once on your own. It’s a very well done game of the classic computer RPG style, with a few helps along the way to make it accessible to kids. It’s not especially challenging but it’s fun.

    After that, with any future versions you really want someone else alongside you. Especially if that other someone is a child. Join in on his/her first time.

  • BigGator5 says:

    I’m with Gabe on this one. I would have no issue taking a Pokemon that I want and keeping my Pokemon in the balls. That is how I roll.

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