Madison, WI: The Aftermath video.

This… may not have been the nicest video that I have ever thrown together. Then again, scenes like these show us the true majesty and power of America. Only in a country as rich, powerful, and protected as ours could an entire class of people who Really Should Have Known Better congregate to cast some fairly straightforward fiscal reforms in terms of the Descent of the Dark Night of Fascism.

Excuse me: ‘facism.’ The word gets misspelled that way that often that it’s practically an alternate spelling by now.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

3 thoughts on “Madison, WI: The Aftermath video.”

  1. I must say that you are blessed with certain sense of humor in your mean streak. That I can only marvel at.

  2. And to think I almost didn’t hit the “play” button. I’d have hated to miss this. lol

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