#rsrh This is a problem for the Online Left.

Before we go any further: no, not every Democrat is this vile.  Not even most.  And lots of Republicans can be this vile.  But the former has not been collectively taught when to keep the Bad Voices in their heads from getting out, and it shows.  Dear God in Heaven, but it shows.  It’s very fortunate that it’s (thankfully) a lot harder than it looks to incite violent actions via hate speech; because the Online Left pushes the envelope every time a new scene from the class struggle in Beverly Hills the online world plays out.  I dread the day that they stop getting lucky with that.

That’s it.  Just expressing a bit of worry, that’s all.

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    Sure, it’s hard to actually incite violence — but they’ve been working hard at it for more than a decade, and are clearly intent on keeping it up until they get it right!

    (They have, of course, inspired violence. They just get insulated from the blame by an Orwellian press.)

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