Annnd Dragon Age 2 is in the can.

At least, the first run-through of it.  Clocked in at just under 41 hours, Level 23 Rogue (decided to go with that instead of my usual Mage).

Thumbnail review: Dragon Age 2 is not the unmitigated awesome that was Dragon Age Origins (or Mass Effect), but like Mass Effect 2 it does not embarrass its predecessor.  Things that I liked: they streamlined some of the combat stuff; made it harder to properly balance the various NPC’s various “issues” with you, the missions, and each other; and had a lot of pretty scenery and background.  Things that I didn’t like: Bioware loves a little too much to give you either-way-you’re-screwed choices; the romance timeline seemed a bit compressed; and as usual, the intro’s too damn long.

Bottom line: if you like DA:O, you’ll like this.  I’m going to play it again, only this time with a specific goal in mind.  And maybe not so Lawful-as-much-as-I-can Good this time.

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