#rsrh I would love to call this “Lane’s Law…”

…but that’s probably hubris.

Nonetheless: any post on the Internet that mocks a person’s or group’s individual and/or collective intelligence will have at least one obvious spelling or grammatical error present in the first published draft.  I think that this is because people who see other people (whom they don’t like) make howlers will often fall all over themselves in the rush to post their sarcastic mockery.

Latest example: “New Hamshire.”

Via Instapundit.

2 thoughts on “#rsrh I would love to call this “Lane’s Law…””

  1. Here’s another one: Politico piles on, claiming she has a “pattern of getting facts wrong”, but then:

    “CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story carried an incorrect dateline and reported the wrong location for where Rep. Bachmann made her incorrect historical statement about Lexington and Concord.”

    In their rush to sneer at her for getting a historical location wrong, they got the location of their own story wrong.

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