2 thoughts on “Really, celebrities should avoid Twitter.”

  1. We see this on every form of social media: just because someone’s joined your Facebook page (Twitter list, whatever) doesn’t mean that they’re going to automatically agree with every dumbass thing that comes out of your mouth; babbling on like you’re talking only to your circle of close personal friends who agree with everything you say is a short route to trouble… especially if you’re saying something really really regrettable that’s going to show up on the computers of folks who can find out your boss’ work phone number.

    Shorter above: Never NEVER put anything embarassing on any permanent recording media or distribution system; you WILL see it again and you won’t be happy when you do.

  2. Stars of the past seemed more glamorous because, under the studio system, they only talked when they were told and only said what they were told to say. Today’s stars are so tickled to be the center of attention, they start to feel like their every utterance is the apex in coolocity.

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