#rsrh Wisconsin kids pay for teachers’ sickouts.

(Via @vermontaigne, via Gateway Pundit) Apparently kids in Wisconsin are going to have to stay in school an extra twenty minutes a day for the rest of the school year.  Why?  Because of the teachers union’s unscheduled four day vacation from their responsibilities in order to go fight the ever-so-noble cause of not paying their fair share of their healthcare costs. Dan Collins notes that the kids are going to love this; speaking as a parent of two, I’ll add that so will the parents.  Particularly the ones who rely on after-school activities to fill up the time between the end of classes and the earliest that a working parent can make it home.  Ach, well, you can’t expect the leadership of a public service union to understand the concept of empathy towards others.

On the bright side, unexcused absences by teachers last month won’t be paid for and teachers using phony sick notes are going to get suspended.  So there’s that, at least.

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