#rsrh This is NOT painful to watch.

Mostly because Jay Carney‘s a shifty little weasel – yeah, even by the standards of White House spokesman, which is renowned as having (under Democratic administrations, at least) some of the most mealy-mouthed, two-faced posturing buffoons in government service.Ā  Speaking of Bobby Gibbs… he probably watched this exchange between Carney and CBS guy Chip Reid over the President’s inability to actually say or do anything useful about Libya, popped open a beer, and said to himself Thank God I got out when I did.

Here’s the text (via Fox News, via Ace of Spades) as to why:

Q Doesn’t there come a point to make a — where you have to make a decision?

MR. CARNEY: And I would go back to what I said to Jill, that we have acted with great haste, and we have coordinated international — led and coordinated an international response, the likes of which the world has never seen in such a short period of time. And we have — we continue to consult with our international partners. We meet — we have met with, as the Secretary of State did, with the Libyan opposition discussing new ways we can put pressure on Qaddafi.

And when it comes to considering military options, this President will always be mindful of what the mission, should it be engaged, what it entails, the risks that it poses to our men and women in uniform, and its likelihood of having the kind of impact that we set out for it to have. And that is his responsibility as Commander-in-Chief.

And I would suggest to you that that is what leadership is all about.

Suggest away, Sparky.Ā  Suggest away.

Moe Lane


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