On a cheerful note…

…and I just deleted a very, very, very angry post that I belatedly realized was much more about my reflexive parental burning rage towards anybody who hurts kids than it was the ostensible target of said post, so I could use some cheerful right now: they’re keeping Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, the taste of both of which I prefer to the fructose corn syrup versions.  Pejman’s (H/T, btw) right, though: we need Coke with real sugar, too.

Yes, yes, I should track down some Mexican Coke.  Although I hear that’s made with brown sugar, though.


  • Skip says:

    “Track down” coke with cane sugar? You don’t just go to the corner store?


    For Dr Pepper, btw, you want Dublin Dr Pepper, which should also be sold at the corner store in places where people should actually want to live.

  • RS says:

    FYI – at least here on the west coast you can buy cases of mexican coke (with real sugar) at Costco. They sell it in the glass bottles – something like 24 of them for $16.99.

    It’s delicious. It is fun to introduce it to people in a blind taste test and watch them just light up when they taste it.

  • Finrod says:

    The CostCos in Atlanta have the Mexican Coke as well, which amuses me to no end, drinking foreign Coke in the town where Coke started.

  • Mark says:

    Also check out the Kosher for Passover Coca Cola which is available in selected markets for the next 4-6 weeks…due to the rules for Passover, this Coke must have cane sugar and cannot use corn syrup

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