#rsrh Went to go see Battle: Los Angeles.

Short version is: I liked it.

Much longer version hidden as a somewhat shorter version: what Bill Whittle said.

Now, I am not saying that anybody who hates this movie is a Godless Commie: shaky-cam bugs some people on a physiological, psychological, and/or cinematographic level. Some of the science is indeed wonky*.  You knew by about halfway through the film where our heroes were ending up.  All of these are legitimate criticisms.  But if you hate the heroes of the film (note: not ‘protagonists’) for who they are, then you probably hate America and I would appreciate it if you moved out like you keep threatening to do every time we elect a Republican President.

My only real complaint was that going to see this one means that it’ll probably be a while before I see Rango.  Which is an acceptable consequence to face.

Moe Lane

PS: Also: stupid theaters, not cleaning out their HVAC units regularly.  Dust always make my allergies act up.

Spoilers beneath fold.

*SPOILER: The belief is that they’re here for our water, a la V: The Original TV Miniseries.  As Larry Niven once noted, this is an odd way to get it: given that the invaders had to fly right past Saturn’s rings, which is made up of ice and nobody is shooting at them.

Another SPOILER: remember this movie poster?

Yeah, well, when that actually happened in the film one of the two on that poster ended up a rapidly spreading stain in a pool, and it wasn’t the Marine.

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    The shaky cam is what’s keeping me away. I couldn’t stand the atrocity they titled “Battlestar Galactica” because they couldn’t shoot two people seated at a table having a calm conversation without whipping the camera around, and I hear they pull the same thing here.

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