#rsrh Three things that I’m guessing about this Slate author.

The one worrying about her eighteen-month-old’s private school interviews.

  1. The author would have a heart palpitation at the thought that her kid should go to a NYC public school.
  2. She would probably be able to rattle off statistics about the NYC public school system that would fully justify said heart palpitation.
  3. Despite her admittedly above-average self-awareness at the essential shallowness and absurd materialism that her social class is displaying with regard to their kids’ education, the author will do nothing to alleviate the conditions that lead to #1 & #2.

I don’t know.  It’s a trivial article and a bit of a passive-aggressive whine, but it annoyed me sufficiently to be rude about it.  Maybe because I suspect that the author thinks that she’s being enlightened by telling us that rich people worry about their kids’ education, too.  Which is… nice, I guess: but given that even the merely well-to-do are saddled with the consequences of the choices made by the rich on educational and other policies, put me down as being unimpressed by her problems…

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  • Repair_Man_Jack says:

    But Moe, public schools are for the Little People. Her children are equal, but they’re more equal.

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