Nobody loves me, everybody hates me…

…think I’ll go eat worms*.

Nah, not really, but the first day of the Guerrilla Video pledge drive didn’t go well.  Either PayPal isn’t taking donations, or else nobody made any.  I’m guessing the latter; which is no doubt pleasing mightily a couple of people out there who find my posts obnoxious, my style grating, and my cheerful inability to perceive their greatness intolerable.  Those people are now smiling, and are as close as they ever get to being happy, and are now waiting patiently for tomorrow’s pledge drive update.

Just saying.

Moe Lane

*No, it’s a song.


  • BigGator5 says:

    Stop begging people for money. It’s undignified. Do what other normal people do: Write a book. Then beg people to buy said book.

  • Beej says:

    Just in the way of feedback…

    You’re one of my favorite folks to read on the internet. I read all your posts – even the ones on subjects that don’t usually interest me (for example, computer/video games).

    But I don’t have any money right now. If I were you I’d assume there’s a lot of that going around. Maybe most of the folks who love you are broke at the moment.

    Maybe you need richer fans. I think the left has all the money now. 🙂

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Or there’s people who need it more, Beej. I mean, it’s not like this means the difference between me eating and not-eating; I justify drives like this in my head by having them for blogging-specific items that I actually do use, but I can see why somebody would rather throw a twenty at, say, Haiti.

  • Beej says:

    It’s a righteous drive! I was afraid my comment would sound like a guilt trip. That’s why I said this:

    “Just in the way of feedback…”

    You know. So you wouldn’t have to eat worms. Or write a book.

  • qixlqatl says:

    I know it’s a different animal than blogging, but I’d buy a book by Moe Lane…..

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  • BigGator5 says:

    @qixlqatl: No kidding! I even suggested a book title to Moe the other day.

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