Day Six, Guerrilla Video Pledge Drive (Almost there…)

Yesterday was a good day for the iPad2 pledge drive: best day yet, in fact.  It ends Monday (no doubt to many readers’ secret relief); and I’ll need to come up with something suitably gonzo to commemorate said ending, of course.  Meanwhile, it turns out that I can get free engraving of a message on said iPad2.  Suggestions welcome, of course: and while I’m not saying that a past or current donation will give a suggestion extra… weight; neither am I saying that it won’t.

Although I suppose that I could just go with “This is my BOOMSTICK!” – which has the virtue of being pretty obvious, at least*. Obvious has its points.

Moe Lane

*I originally thought that I could do some variation of Woodie Guthrie’s slogan This Machine Kills Fascists… except that: no, it didn’t, really. Guthrie kind of sucked at fascist-killing, in fact.


  • Skip says:

    Orbis non sufficit maybe?

  • countrydoc says:

    “Dance monkeyboy! Dance!” Not sure why you would engrave that, but I’ve always wanted to say it.

  • Moe_Lane says:

    “Laugh while you can, monkeyboy!” might actually make the finals, at that.

  • qixlqatl says:

    I tried to think of a counter to the left’s “Barking Moonbat Pundit Kung Fu”, but I just can’t turn a phrase the way you do…best I could come up with was “Rightwing Nutjob Ninjitsu”, which just doesn’t have the same punch as “Barking Moonbat Pundit Kung Fu”(I **love** that ‘pictograph’;) ) .

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