I can’t believe I missed EATAPETA Day!

It was March 15th. EATAPETA Day is, of course, “Eat A Tasty Animal for PETA Day:” it’s when you go out and consume animal flesh solely because doing so infuriates the anti-human lunatics at that anti-human lunatic asylum*.

Oh, well, I undoubtedly consumed animal flesh that day anyway. Also:

Moe Lane

*Vegetarians and vegans who likewise despise PETA – and a lot of them do – are traditionally allowed to substitute something with BBQ sauce and eat that.  The symbolism is the important thing.

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  • qixlqatl says:

    I am a proud carnivore!! Everyday is eatapeta day for me 🙂

    I watched one of those PBS documentaries about human evolution, in which the featured scientists concluded that what allowed early humans to develop these awesome big brains that can consider such complex subjects as the morality of eating meat was their diet featuring lots of whole proteins obtained from meat….. It’s **fun** to tell that little factoid to vegans etc. 😉

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