You know, there are things about Dragon Age 2…

…to complain about.

There is at least one (in my opinion: serious, annoying, infuriating) thing about the way that they ported Anders over from Dragon Age: Origins Awakening to Dragon Age 2 that’s worth complaining about.  And it’s not the fact that he makes a pass at your Hawke character, regardless of gender. That I could care less about*.

Mind you, like Tycho I default to female characters for Bioware games.  Mostly because if I’m going to be spending a lot of time being forced to look at my avatar’s butt (Bioware loves over-the-shoulder POV), it might as well be a butt whose aesthetics I can properly appreciate.

Moe Lane

PS: Why do I have the feeling that I’m going to end up regretting that I posted this?

(Spoilers below fold)

*Because the problem that I have with Anders is that HE’S BEEN BATSH*T SCARY-CRAZY EVER SINCE THEY TOOK AWAY HIS GORAM CAT.


  • PubliusNV says:

    And I went to so much g*dd**m trouble to get him that cat in Awakenings!

  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    I always do at least one female run-through (and sometimes exclusively so), though more often because I like listening to the female voice actors and a pleasing female Shephard/Hawke face.

    I had to make an exception in ME2 because I could not pass up the chance to knock boots with Miranda. Hubba hubba.

  • Cameron says:

    That was a very puzzling part in the game. The Grey Wardens will take kings, apostates, blood mages, rogues, commoners, etc and allow them to use whatever tactics get the desired end result. They can bring outsiders in to assist with the blight. But they have a “no pets” policy? Especially given how useful Ser Pounce A Lot was, that made no sense.

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