#rsrh Richard Goldstone can go [expletive deleted].

I didn’t remember this guy at first – but when you read something that’s this self-serving, teeth-grittingly apologetic, and preemptively defensively whining, then you just know that the original must have been a true masterwork in the fine art of Getting It All Wrong.

So it is in this case: Goldstone was the guy behind a 2009 UN report that accused Israel of war crimes in the 2008 Gaza attacks.  A remarkably inaccurate report, too – which, as the first link shows, Goldstone is rather bitterly admitting right now.  Not that it matters, given that the damage has been done – which is why I’m not particularly interested in forgiving and forgetting this time around.  In fact, I’d like to be a lot earthier about this…

Moe Lane

(Via Hot Air)

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