Update on the (now past) iPad2 pledge drive.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t reported ordering one yet, three words: potential government shutdown.  Which has absolutely no effect on the money that was raised, but unfortunately has an impact on the personal/household funds that I had earmarked to make up the difference.  So the cash stays where it is until the situation gets resolved*; worst-case scenario, I’ll give refunds.  Best case scenario, the Democrats wise up next week and stop trying to play chicken with the economy, and I can finally buy the blessed thing.

By the way… if a government shutdown is the only way that we can make the Democrats understand that we have to stop spending money that we don’t actually have, then that’s what has to happen and me and mine will just have to deal with the consequences.  And, yeah, it kind of sucks to have to take a fiscal/ethical position that promises to personally make my life more difficult, but it’d suck more to go the other way on this one.

Moe Lane

*Translation: no, I’m not hitting people up for more money.

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