#rsrh I’m going to go out on a limb.

The President will not raise a billion dollars for the 2012 election.  At least, not without half of his campaign staff being indicted for various fraud-related practices in 2013.

Yes, I know that the man raised almost $750 million in 2008.  The economy wasn’t in the tank back then, either.  And the base hadn’t had their guy break his promises to them on a daily basis for three years.  And the populace in general hadn’t had three years’ worth of Change That You Can Believe In, or whatever the phrase was back then…


  • jetty says:

    I don’t think he will come close to $750M in 2012. But regardless if he spends $1 or $1 billion, he will get 43% of the popular vote.

  • Have you forgotten Obama’s campaign turned off the address verification for online donations and all the money he got from “Will, Good” and “Saddam Hussein, Spider Hole, Tikrit”? A billion dollars is sofa money for Obama’s foreign donors. The world has enough billionaires now that a single person is able to buy the presidency of the United States without having to scrimp on caviar.

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