See, this is why I don’t bother much…

with the Left-sphere.  It’s not so much that they’re dumb – although many of them are 110 IQ types trying to pass for 130 – it’s that they know what they know; and they know that they know better than anybody else knows.  Couple that with a general unwillingness to check their work and hilarity ensues.

Seriously, if you honestly think that the Speaker of the House would say the following:

Can’t pay your student loan? Face it your parents were lazy and you couldn’t afford college.

…to Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi – or pretty much anything else – then you’re just a dumbass.  And that’s just the first two sentences: the rest of the passage merely compounds the dumbassery.

Sheesh.  Say this for an adversarial relationship with the regular media: it teaches you elementary caution.

Moe Lane

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