#rsrh Jim McDermott. Democrat. Male chauvinist pig.

Come, I will hide nothing from you: probably Jim McDermott is not a male chauvinist pig, per se.  Even if things like this are being written about him:

Doing double duty as a member of Congress and chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee might “strain” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a fellow House Democrat said Wednesday — an assessment that critics say would not be leveled at a man in a similar position.

Or at least McDermott’s probably not any more of a male chauvinist pig than the rest of his male, Democratic colleagues.  What’s actually probably just happening here is that McDermott isn’t really bothering to think about what he’s saying before he says it.  And why should he?  He’s been able to get away so far with being a duplicitous, drunken, seditionist suckweasel who took Saddam Hussein’s blood money in order to agitate against the GWOT while on foreign soil.   If his fellow-Democrats can swallow that, then they’ll probably end up not doing anything about this.


And that’s pretty much it, except of course to note that the Politico picked a rather unflattering picture of new DNC chair Wasserman-Schultz.  One that’s a bit more unflattering than expected, under Politico’s quietly uneven standards for Democrats/Republicans.  Then again, a lot of the Beltway types – on both sides of the spectrum – aren’t altogether thrilled about the way that the Democrats are about to shut down the government…

Moe Lane

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  1. Moe,

    Though we’ve never met I think I’ve made it clear that I love your work and your style of writing. BUT…(kinda saw that comin’, eh)it vexes me greatly to see the adjective ‘democratic’ (capitalized, no less) applied to the least democratic entity known to humanity. I know that using the word has become something of a convention with writers and I know that the Dems whine about being called Democrats. They have two choices: Grow up (unlikely) or change the name of the party to something else. I have a few suggestions but I’ll keep them to myself because we both know that they are not capable of that level of honesty.

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