#rsrh Picking the wrong Batman villain.

President Obama isn’t the Joker, after all.

He’s Two-Face.

Speaking into a microphone which he may not have realized was still relaying his remarks to the White House press room — where Knoller had been listening to earlier remarks that were open to the press — Mr. Obama bemoaned GOP leaders’ attempts to attach a measure to the budget bill which would have cut funding for Planned Parenthood.

“Put it in a separate bill,” the president said he told Boehner and his staff. “We’ll call it up. And if you think you can overturn my veto, try it. But don’t try to sneak this through.”

Apparently, the opposition’s publicly trying to fulfill promises to their political base is ‘sneaking,’ while privately pandering to (via some slandering) to one’s own political base is not.  Hot Air’s right: it’s striking how President Obama apparently loves the very thing that Senator Obama hated; a strong Presidency.  I guess it looks different from the inside?

Moe Lane

PS: Exit question: I’m trying to remember the last time George W Bush got caught being a hypocritical [expletive deleted] about the Other Side’s politicians in private, but I can’t come up with any examples.  Surely that happened at least once, yes?

7 thoughts on “#rsrh Picking the wrong Batman villain.”

  1. We’d all be better off if Obama actually did flip a coin to make decisions. At least then he might have a 50 percent chance of making the right one.

  2. I recall Bush and Cheney making remarks about a reporter, which is almost the same as making them about a Democrat politician.

  3. The really sad thing is that Boehner couldn’t get these cuts through in the end. In that way, Obama’s right: we should still have that fight about whether we should fund Planned Parenthood.

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